Hans Aanen (0032 489 94 47 72 – hans.aanen@mac-2.be)

is our new account manager
for inland barging, tank cleaning and landside waste.

We are delighted to announce that we have found a worthy successor to Peter De Grande, who for the past 10 years was our account manager in inland barging, tank cleaning and landside, and will now pursue other (sporting) goals.

Hans – a true Brabander – has a rich career in various oil sectors: production, storage, bunkering, chartering, etc. He is now taking up the challenge of serving our customers in the waste component of the oil sector. Together with Hans, we look forward to renewing the cooperation with all our customers.

MAC2 recycles oil from maritime and industrial oily waste, so that these can be used as new resources. From the Antwerp harbor MAC2 also services the left bank and the ports of Zeebrugge and Gent.

Quite rightly we can state that our people can offer the most comprehensive services of its sector in the port of Antwerp.

A broad range of services

MAC2 - Cleaning oil spills
MAC2 - Tankcleaning
MAC2 - Waiting berths transshipments
MAC2 - Liquid waste disposal

MAC2 - Industrial liquid waste
MAC2 -Stores / services
MAC2 - Port reception facility
MAC2 - Solid waste / Dangerous waste
MAC2 - Fleet

MAC2 is a 100% subsidiary of Group Machiels