Please find here under our total fleet of tanker barges, store barges and several trucks with a combined loading capacity of 3600 tons. Available 24/7.


Length 29,70 meters
Width 9,38 meters
Gross 165 ton
Type Multi functional oil pollution fighting vessel
ADN N – open


SUPERMAC² is undoubtedly our “superstar”. 
SUPERMAC² was designed to provide its services on water, but thanks to its unique build (loose container modules) the equipment can easily and efficiently be transformed to a quayside installation. This allows us to offer our services to port-bound companies situated directly near water such as refineries, warehouses, etc.…

SUPERMAC² in a nutshell:

  • Oil spill fighting
  • Assistance on all port bound calamities and disasters
  • Fire-fighting assistance
  • Pumping all kinds of products (slops, bunker, water, …)
  • Oxygen supply, including oxygen supplies for divers
  • Cleaning of tanks, holds, engine rooms, bilges, pipes, exchangers, … with low or high pressure water, hot or cold for inland barges and marine vessels
  • Hull cleaning above waterline both for inland barges and sea vessels
  • Hydraulics supply to inland barges and marine vessels
  • Hot water supply
  • Power generator (80 kva) that offers 24, 220 of 380V as required
  • Waste collection and -transport (low flashpointschip 450T)
  • Communication facilities on board such as fax, telephones, PC and mail.

Mac² – 2

Length 30,12 meters
Width 4,97 meters
Gross 156 ton
Type Tanker barge
ADN N – open


Mac² – 4

Length 38 meters
Width 6,48 meters
Gross 306 ton
Type Cargo vessel (provisions)
ADN EX proved


Mac² – 6

Length 40 meters
Width 7,74 meters
Gross 399 ton
Type Tanker barge (low flashpoint)
ADN N closed (double hulled)


Mac² – 7

Length 40 meters
Width 7,74 meters
Gross 399 ton
Type Tanker barge
ADN N – closed (double hulled)


Mac² – 8

Length 20,22 meters
Width 5,03 meters
Gross 120 ton
Type work pontoon


Mac² – 11

Length 85,95 meters
Width 9 meters
Gross 936 ton
Type Tanker ADN Type C
ADN N – open




Length 30,02 meters
Width 5,52 meters
Gross 193 ton
Type Tanker barge & cargo vessel


Sludge/slops truck Scania :28 cbm
Vacuum combitruck : 14 cbm
Vacuumtruck : 10 cbm
High pressure truck : 1400 bar